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In February, 2016, fueled by faith and determination, barking irons ranch (a beautiful valley, in the Lower Nicola area of BC, with the long-known name for its lake within it – dry lake) was acquired by four families. Each of these families brought their measure of passion for going the extra mile in life and adventure.

This valley, along with its passionate families, spawned numerous ventures, from garlic and vegetable production to grazing beef cattle. Today, 2020, with the same faith, determination, and passion, Barking Irons Coffee Roastery came into being.

Roasted and brewed on old-fashioned values, we understand the importance of quality and satisfaction that can only come from hard work as it did with the ranchers who worked and tended their cattle in time past on the very valley of dry lake where our passions were allowed to live and grow. One can almost smell the aroma of bunk house coffee amidst the scent of cattle as they roamed this valley, and the sigh of satisfaction as the last cup was had and the cowboy laid down to sleep under an open sky.


Charlie Has A Love And Passion For Good Coffee. With Our Family That Travelled A Lot Growing Up, Charlie Had The Opportunity To Try Coffee’s From Many Different Countries. His Love For Great Coffee, Sent Him On A Journey To Learn All He Could. That Is What Got The Ball Rolling For Our Roastery. Charlie’s Goal Is To Roast You The Best Coffee He Can. If You Aren’t Satisfied With Any Of Our Coffees, Please Contact Us And Charlie Will Be More Than Happy To Custom Roast One, Designed For Your Palette.

We Want You To Enjoy And Savour Every Drop, For We Know How Far This Bean Has Come To Get Here, And The Many People Involved, So In The Last Process, We Want To Bring Out The Very Best This Bean Has To Offer, And Leave You With A Hankerin For More!


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